Red Ant Evictions

Forced evictions from inner city blocks in Johannesburg have become prevalent due to the incidences of buildings being illegally taken control over by criminal elements. Both migrants and locals occupy the buildings, often in squalor. Many children suffer the consequences as they end up forced out on the streets due to the removals of them and their families. Families often have no place to go once evicted, with the government often offering no alternate means of accommodation. 

Chaotic scenes often played out as residents watched on as The Red Ants went from flat to flat, emerging with their belongings. Some smaller items were thrown from the windows while larger items such as beds, couches, wardrobes and fridges are carried out.

 It was alleged that the building was hi-jacked and people were living in it illegally. 

The owner of the block of flats obtained a court order to evict residents from the flats after ‘building hijackers’ rented flats in the building illegally. It is believed that over 1000 people were evicted and the residents claim they were given no warning. 

“Lawyer Lucky Mhlanga, representing the residents, told reporters the evictions were unlawful and that the matter was still pending in court. 

The Red Ants are often fiercely criticized by human rights campaigners and organizations. 2015

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